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Wired car rear view system, Wireless car rear view system, Car Flip Down DVD Player, DVR quad monitor with SD card, Wide view waterproof camera, Super thin car roof dvd player, Car electronics transformer, video filter, etc. Car Rearview Camera System,3.5 Inch Rearview Camera System,5 Inch Rearview Camera System,5.6 Inch Rearview Camera System,7 Inch Rearview Camera System,9 inch rearview Camera System,Quad Monitor Rearview System, DVR System,Wireless system,Stand Alone Monitor,Flip Down Monitor,Sunvisor Monitor Reaview Mirror Monitor, ADAS(Advanced Drive Assistance System), 360 degree camera bird view system,Car Black Box, Sports Camera, Car rearview Camera and Power Bank,Nitrogen Generator,Lifter,Wheel Balancer,Tyre Changer,Wheel Alignment, Car LED Daytime Running Light,Car Head Light, Car LED Strip Light, Car Warning Light, Car Flood Light, Car HID Xenon Light, Car Angel Eyes Light, Car LED Small Light,Car Jump Starter, Car Accessories



LED Flexible Curtain,LED Soft Curtain,LED Dance Floor,LED Cabinet Display,LED Mesh Display,LED Stage Light,LED Lamps,Other LED Items,LED Lighting. P6, P10, P15, P20, P31 Indoor / Outdoor LED Flexible Display Screen / LED Flexible Curtain Screen



Dental Unit,Portable Dental Unit,Oiless Silent Air Compressor,Suction Unit,Dental Handpiece,Dental X-ray, Autoclave (Sterilizer ),Implant Dental Equipment,Oral Irrigator,Accessories,Dental Stool,Curing Light,ENT Treatment Unit,Diamond Burs,Oral Camera,etc.



Coolshape cryolipolysis machine,Ultrasound machine for pregnancy,Hair removal machine,Hematology analyzer, RF-Capacitive Hyperthermia: Physical therapy device,Pulse Oximeter,Patient Monitor,Inbody Elements Analyser Equipment,Soundwave Freeze Baby Whale Skin Care Device with LED Threapy,Portable air ballance air detox body shaping machine,Pressotherapy,Oxygen therapy,Dermabrasion,Body composition analyser, Multifunctional cavi vacuum rf,Cryolipolysis Ultracavitation, Lipolaser, Microdermabrasion,Radiofrequency, Electroporation, Photonrejuve,Hydroderma skin spa,Breast care machine,Infrared slimming sauna belt, Infrared breast massager, Far infrared body slimming wrap/blanket,Infrared sauna dome,Infrared Sauna Blanket,Sauna room,Infrared heating cushion Foot and hand care products,Infrared heating mattress,Mutifunctional massager,Health Care Belt, Massage Heating Belt,Dual-controller smart infusion warmer.



Carbon Fiber Cloth, Pultrued Carbon Fiber Items,Carbon Fiber Hand Lay-up Products, SMC/BMC CFRP Products. Carbon Fiber Furnitures.



Multifarious Springs,All Kinds of Screws,Metal Stamping Parts,Wire Mesh Container,Warhouse Cage,Folding Storage Basket,Logistics Trolley,Plastic & Moulds


Cleaning Equipment,Laser Equipment,Outdoor Wooden Sauna Steam Room,Outdoor Rafting Equipment, etc.




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Welcome to JEAKA

JEAKA is a professional high-tech enterprise integrates products research and development, production, marketing, projects and technical services. Our Products include Auto Parts & Machine, LED Display & Lightings, Outdoor Equipment, Health Care & Fashion Articles, Carbon Fiber, Metal Parts. We are also glad to providing high-quality and optimized solution to customers in these industries fields... Read More