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LED Mesh Display / LED Ventilation Screen


Product Name: LED Mesh Display / LED Ventilation Screen ( Inddor and Outdoor)

1) Grid led display is researched and developed for the background of concerts, building act wall, nightclub, KTV, dancing hall, and other entertainment places.

2) Mesh display is a indoor and outdoor gm product

3)Adopted synchronous control system treatment;

4) Compatible with a variety of input signal

5) Lightweight, ultra-thin screens body specification design

6) Energy saving power consumption is small;

7) Aviation box professional packaging protection, A good case to the unit of protection

Pixel Pitch: P10, P12, P15, P16, P20, P25, P31, P40, P50, P60, P70, P80, P100, P150, P200

We also make the customers' design of specific requirement on pixel pitch & size, please contact us directly at anytime




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